"The whole is more than the sum of its parts"

This is more than just a statement, for us it is a living philosophy. We want to solve your individual requirements and integrate these solutions in your secure and reliable infrastructure, rather than just selling a product. We can take care of both: the solutions as well as the integration in a reliable platform.

Until you get your work done without limitations by existing structures, then and only then are we satisfied. Our emphasis is not concentrated on certain  vendors and products, we give you the freedom to choose what meets your requirements best.

Using our extensive partnerships we can reliably provide a contact person with the know-how to assist you in solving your problem, regardless of type. Please check our page Services to find a small overview of the scope of solutions we offer.

Finally a word about our team. In accordance with our slogan each individual member's skills adds to Ainteg's expertise. We are proud to mention that some of the solutions we have found have even surprised the product's vendors.

Let us surprise you!