Security. Second to none. We analyze your infrastructure and services and design a taylored security architecture.

Network Conceptional Design. You need a new network? We deliver the knowledge. Covering directory services from Microsoft (Active Directory), Novell (eDirectory/NDS) or Apple (Open Directory), we offer everything you need in modern network infrastructures. And yes, we are specialized in integrating mixed environments into one unified structure.

Individual Education and Coaching. The most efficient way of learning is asking. Your schedule doesn't allow you to waste pretious time in regular courses lasting days or weeks? The Solution is individual education and coaching at your site. This means your work will be actually done during class using your equipment. Knowledge transfer is guaranteed. It couln't be easier and more efficient.

OS Support. If you call us we will help, client or server.

Network Administration Support. Often features of modern operating systems are not being used to their full extent. We show you how to utilize the existing resorces in the most efficient way.

Migration. By automatizing workflows you can save huge amounts of time and money..

Consulting. The implementation of new technologies can increase efficiency. I.e. Voice over IP allows you to cut costs dramatically while easing communication processes internally as well externally.

Anything else? Please don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions. While being nice to our customers we are merciless to their problems. With our broad experience in networks and operating systems we find the solution that
helps you.